Music to erg to, pt. 83

We’re wrapping up our spring break down here in Cocoa Beach and even more so than in January, I am so not ready to go home. This week has been incredibly productive and just a ridiculous amount of fun. If you haven’t been following along already then you can check out some pictures and video from our trip over on my Instagram at @beantownkmd.

There won’t be a recap post going up today but I’ll try to post it on Sunday once we’re back in Boston. Hope everyone’s having a good start to the spring season!

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Music to erg to, pt. 82

First day of spring = snow in Boston. Typical. Perfect timing though because the team is leaving for our (really last minute) spring break training trip to Cocoa Beach tomorrow morning … or as our head coach put it, “getting out of this frozen hell hole for a week”. The snow banks might be getting smaller but the basin is still completely covered in ice which means no rowing for us anytime soon, thus we’re heading to Florida to try and get some water time in since the season technically starts next weekend. I’m fully committed to spending as little time on my laptop as possible during the day so keep that in mind if you email me, send questions on Tumblr, etc. You can keep up with what we’re doing as always though by following me on Instagram.

Since we are getting closer to racing season, I wanted to remind all the coxswains out there (high school and college) that if you’re interested in working one-on-one with me this spring send me an email and I’ll reply with the details. I don’t want to post all the info here just to avoid making this post super lengthy but the basics of what it entails is meeting on Google Hangouts (weekly has been the most common time but we’ve done bi-weekly as well) for 30-60min and discussing your recordings, questions you have from practice, race plans/strategy, etc. Anything you want to talk about or have questions on, really. If you feel like you’ve hit a plateau with your coxing or you’re just looking for more feedback than what you’re getting in practice, this could be a useful tool for you. I’m working with two coxswains currently so like I said, if you’re interested send me an email. :-)

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Music to erg to, pt. 81

Did you read Tuesday’s post on goal setting? If not, check it out, especially if you’re a rower/coxswain who has definitively said “this is what I want/need to work on this season”.  The last two weeks I’ve been going over evaluations with the coxswains from our lightweight men’s team and that whole goal-setting process is definitely going to be coming up the next time we talk because they all have a lot of things they want to work on, as I know a lot of you do as well. Having a plan, even a loose one, is important when you’re working towards something. Those of you that have emailed me recently saying “I want to be the best coxswain ever, tell me what to do” (give or take…), you’ve heard me say this – you can’t just superficially put in the work, you have to actually put in the work. If that sounds like an overwhelming process to you, read that post.

Are most of you guys (excluding everyone in Boston…) back on the water yet? How have things been going so far?

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Music to erg to, pt. 80

So on Tuesday I posted the link to the 2015 Summer Camps spreadsheet and have since added about 10 more programs to bring the total to 50 or 51 so definitely check that out if you haven’t already and are starting to think about your plans for the summer. I’ve also “highlighted” on the main page the ones that U23 (aka college) rowers and coxswains can do, that way you don’t have to wade through all the junior programs to find something applicable to you. I also posted several questions on Tuesday (which you can read here), as well as this post on things novice coxswain should know as we head towards (in theory…) the start of the spring season.

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Music to erg to, pt. 79

I’m finishing up the summer camp list and would love to get some feedback on any of the following camps so if you’ve been to any of them send me an email! (This list isn’t the same one I posted last week.) You can read more about what I’m looking for here. The reviews that you guys have already sent are great and I really appreciate everybody taking the time to write out what they thought.  This year’s list is long – like, 40 as of right now and I’ve still got a handful to add – so any info that you guys can contribute can only serve to make this a better resource for everyone.

Northeast: Craftsbury, CRI, MIT Youth Rowing Camp, Cornell (either the competitive camp or the HP camp), Maine Rowing Camp

Mid-Atlantic: Rutgers, UVA’s men’s camp (Wahoo), Navy women’s camp, Penn AC Gold (men and women), Philadelphia Sculling Club, Princeton

South: Sarasota HP camp, Miami Rowing Club

Midwest: Wisco, Sparks coxswain-only camp

West: Seattle Rowing Center, Sparks Seattle, Cal women’s camp, Stanford HP camp, USC HP camp

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Music to erg to, pt. 78

Yesterday I put up a quick post with a list of summer camps that I’m hoping to get some feedback on from you guys so if you haven’t checked it out yet please do that and send me an email if you’ve been to any of them. Also if there are any that you’ve been to that aren’t on the list, feel free to mention them as well.

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Music to erg to, pt. 77

So I got an email earlier this week asking about MIT Crew and I realized that I never officially said this but since I took the recruiting exam, anything that’s related to actual recruiting (as in you’re interested in rowing/coxing at MIT and possibly being recruited to do so) I can’t talk to you guys about. 99.9% of the questions you guys send me about recruiting are totally fine, it’s just anything related to you being a prospective recruit at MIT that I can’t do anything with. It’s nothing to do with you guys, it’s just an NCAA thing. I’m happy to answer any general questions you guys have or put you in touch with the coaches that handle the recruiting but outside of that I’m off limits when it comes to that stuff. Once March rolls around I’m going to start posting more stuff on recruiting so you guys can get a better understanding of the rules and what you (and the coaches) are and aren’t allowed to do (so if you’ve got questions, email me) but I wanted to put this out there since I realized I never made any of this clear.

Enjoy the weekend!

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