Music to erg to, pt. 91

Somehow managed to not hit “publish” on this on Friday so here it is now. If you follow me on Instagram then you saw that last week we were seat racing for the four we’re taking to IRAs, which is this coming Friday through Sunday. We’ll be leaving on Thursday (early Thursday) so just a heads up that I’ll most definitely be unreachable by email between Wednesday afternoon (May 27th) and the following Monday (June 1st).

Keep an eye out for Tuesday’s post, if you’re looking for some last minute ideas for calls as we start to bring the spring season to a close then you should find this post helpful.

Music to erg to, pt. 90

Just had an “oh shit, it’s Friday” moment … seriously though, where’d the week go? This weekend is Eastern Sprints (!!!) so we’ll be leaving tomorrow morning for Worcester. I’m not really a fan of racing close to home (it’s just not as exciting and I like traveling) but it’ll be fun to experience the Sprints atmosphere and see some good racing. Good luck to everybody else that’ll be there as well as everyone racing this weekend at Stotes, Northeast Regionals, etc.!

PS thanks Cían, Andrew, and Jack for the song suggestions this week! If you guys have any favorite songs that you like erging/working out to, send me an email and I’ll include them if they’re on Spotify. :-)

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Music to erg to, pt. 88

Hi everyone! Sorry this is a few days late – I didn’t anticipate the complete lack of cell service when we were in Wisconsin this weekend so posting this and Friday’s FBF from my phone/iPad ended up not being a possibility. If you ever find yourself in Baraboo, WI and you have AT&T or Sprint, be prepared to be totally cut off from the rest of civilization for the duration of your stay. Despite that first world problem we had a good trip though. Racing wise, the eight split their two races (beating Georgetown but losing to Wisco) and our four unfortunately fell short and finished 5th in their race against MSOE and three Wisco crews. The four has some work to do before Dad Vails this weekend (hopefully I’ll see some of you there!) but the eight has the weekend off so they’ll be able to get in some extra practice and rest before heading off to Eastern Sprints the following weekend. The next few weeks are definitely going to be a whirlwind…

And on that note, my inbox is out. of. control. right now since I wasn’t able to answer any of the emails I got towards the end of last week so if you emailed me or messaged me on Tumblr, a reply is coming … slowly but surely. I’m hoping to tackle some emails tomorrow and answer the questions from Tumblr and the comments on here on Tuesday. Pro tip though for the next few weeks though – if you have questions about racing (as in for your races that weekend) try to email me no later than Tuesday or Wednesday. I know questions pop up at the last minute but when I was reading my emails this afternoon I saw that I missed at least two that were sent while we were traveling that had questions related to racing on Saturday. I hate to leave you guys hanging so just keep that in mind as we start to wrap up the spring season.

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Music to erg to, pt. 87

Another week, another race. Tomorrow we’ll be racing Bates and Delaware on the Charles, which will be our last home race before we kick off the second half of the season with a trip out to Wisconsin to race Wisco  and Georgetown. I can’t believe we’re already four weeks into the season when it feels like we were just in Florida over New Years…

If you haven’t already, check out my YouTube for all the race videos from our varsity 8+ over the last few weeks. I know I haven’t posted any coxswain recordings in awhile, mainly because I’m just so burned out on listening to them (not to mention how time-intensive it is) so hopefully posting all the videos of our coxswains makes up for that.

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Music to erg to, pt. 86

We’re leaving in an hour and a half to head to NJ to race Princeton and Harvard tomorrow for the Compton Cup so I probably won’t be answering any new emails until at least Sunday or Monday. As always, feel free to follow along on Instagram and don’t forget to check out my YouTube later this weekend for video of the race. Good luck to everyone else racing tomorrow!

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Music to erg to, pt. 85

This week has been … not the greatest, to say the least. New commitments, very long days, every technological device I own being thoroughly uncooperative, and a never-ending stream of emails all combined with a serious lack of sleep has had me totally unfocused and just going through the motions the last few days. I’m hoping to be able to do a hard reset this weekend and catch up on work/sleep but guys … seriously … make sure you’re getting enough sleep, especially now that we’re in-season and if you’re in college, starting to get close to finals. Oh, and also make sure you’re eating right/enough, even if you’re in weight-loss mode. Nothing kills your energy faster than not having any fuel in your system.

We’re racing WPI, Williams, and Connecticut College on the Charles on Saturday morning – fingers crossed the weather is nothing like it has been the last three days. Good luck to everyone else racing this weekend too!

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Music to erg to, pt. 84

First race of the season tomorrow against Columbia, Dartmouth, and Holy Cross (despite all odds – it was looking doubtful when we were still completely iced in on Wednesday) and I am so pumped. Good luck to everyone else racing this weekend! Coxswains, if you want feedback on your audio just send me a link to the video or an mp3 and I’ll check it out. :-)

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