Music to erg to, pt. 153

Guys, I am cautiously optimistic that I’ll have the new site up by September 1st, which is really exciting. I’m trying to take my own advice and not let perfect get in the way of good so as far as the big stuff goes, I’m on track to have all that stuff completed by the end of this month. If you haven’t been following my Instagram stories, keep an eye on them over the next few weeks because I’ve been sharing sneak peeks of what the site’s gonna look like and so far, the feedback has been pretty solid.

The final big project is tackling all the coxswain recordings. There’s a lot that have been removed from YouTube or Soundcloud and some of the early posts from 3-4 years ago just have way too many recordings in them so I want to re-do those and make each post a little shorter and more straightforward.

If there’s anything you wanna see on the new site – literally anything – I’m all ears! I really want to make this site work for you guys and be less blog-y and more actual website-y so any suggestions you’ve got, I’d love to hear them.


Music to erg to, pt. 152

If you caught my Instagram story over the last week and a half you’ve seen a few sneak peeks of what the new site looks like. Slowly but surely it’s coming along! My goal is to have it done before school starts (so end of August/beginning of September-ish). I know I’ve kinda been teasing this for awhile (I’ve been trying to work on this for over a year…) but I’m really excited that it’s finally coming to fruition and at the point where it’s almost done. Can’t wait for you guys to see it!

Music to erg to, pt. 150

Sorry if you got notifications for this post twice … WordPress is, per usual, being finicky this morning. On that note, if anyone’s got experience with building websites (especially on WP platforms), transferring content, etc. hit me up because I’ve got questions and can’t find the answers I’m looking for online.

Last night I posted a couple questions on switching (back to) coxing, walking on in college, and dealing with a coaching transition so if you haven’t checked those out yet you can do so here and here. I also posted on Tuesday some tips for coxing a time trial since those seemed to be more prevalent this year than in seasons past.

Lastly, today is the 45th anniversary of Title IX which is why this week’s “Words” is this quote. For whatever points of contention Title IX sparks, try not to overlook or diminish the good it’s done in giving women and girls the opportunity to participate, compete, and be seen as equals to the men who were afforded those opportunities by default simply due to luck of the draw at birth. We’ve come a long way in 45 years but there’s still a long way to go. Women in rowing played a huge role in elevating the conversation in the first place and it’s our responsibility to keep it going and continue pushing for more progress.

One of the things that always made me really proud to row for Marietta in HS was how adamant our coaches – a @mariettarowing and @yalecrew alum – were about teaching us the history of the sport so we'd have an appreciation and understanding of what people did before us to make what we do possible. Being on the women's team, this happened early on in our careers when we learned about the women our coach's brother coached at Yale in the '70s, specifically the ones who protested in '76 to be seen and treated as equal athletes to the men, which in turn made it possible for us to do the same thing 27 years later. It was great to finally come to Yale this weekend and see all of that history in person. 🙌🏼

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I’ve got one question left to answer but I’m saving it for next week because I want to get some input from you guys. For those of you who have anxiety – either that you take medication for or that you manage on your own through other methods – how has/does it affect your coxing, have your coaches/teammates ever brought it up to you, have coaches ever said that it’s been a factor for keeping you out of a boat you were in contention for, and how have you dealt with all of that? Feel free to comment or shoot me an email.

Music to erg to, pt. 147

Sprints is on Sunday, we leave for California on Thursday, and the season is over in like, three weeks. What??

Last week I posted the top five things to know on race day and with all the league championships this weekend and upcoming races like Stotes, SRAAs, etc., I definitely recommend checking it out and making sure you (or your coxswains) are prepared well in advance of race day.

I also posted about the blog itself and what the next steps for it are. I’ve gotten a ton of great feedback so far, which I really appreciate, but if you haven’t had time to check that post out yet or fill out the Google Form, you can still do that by clicking HERE.