Flashback Friday: March 26th – April 8th

QOTD: Hi Kayleigh! Obviously rowers need to adjust their foot stretchers, spacers, shoe height, etc. but I never know when the right time to let them do that is. If the dock is pretty empty then I will let them do it before we shove off but when it’s busy and a lot of them need to adjust I just don’t know when to let them adjust. How have you usually done this in the past? Thanks!

Coxswain skills: Race steering

How to: Sit in the boat I always get a surprising amount of questions about this.


VOTW: Biomechanical analysis of the rowing stroke (great video for novice rowers and coxswains to watch)

The Language of the First 500 – definitely a must-read.

QOTD: What are stationary drills? How can there be drills if the rowers aren’t rowing? What are some examples?

QOTD: What are some “rhythmic calls” you use? I know ones such as hook, send and catch, send but I was wondering what others are used.

Don’t over-tighten your riggers… Another must-read for all coxswains and rowers.

How to: Cox a seat race

QOTD: I just started coaching, and am worried that I might be a little overwhelmed by dividing my attention between driving the launch and watching the rowers. Any advice on watching what’s happening in the boat while multitasking?

Racing skills: 10 regatta tips for coxswains

What to pack when traveling to a regatta

QOTD: My coach has enlisted the help of the rowers who’ve finished their last season at school to help with a learn to row program for the new recruits. We’ll be taking them out in quads for a couple of weeks. Do you have any advice on how to teach them to get the basics down? My learn to row experience is just a big blur now!

QOTD: Hey! How do you deal with loads of self-doubt and just self-deprecation as a coxswain? I know that’s my worst habit and it really is detrimental to my performance on the water. I go out there ready to go, and then I do one thing wrong (like this weekend I took a turn wide and that was def not helpful) and I feel like it’s the end of the world because I do a ton of little stupid things a lot, and I feel like I should know better after 8 years. Help?

Miscellaneous coxswain gear – if you’re still trying to figure out what “gear” you need



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