Flashback Friday: January 15th – 28th

Defining the role of the coxswain: Motivation

Words. Solid take on what it’s like to be a coach.

Top 20 terms coxswains should know: Check

Coxswain recordings, pt. 23 Three recordings from Katelin Snyder – two from UW (including the UW-Cal duel from 2009) and one from the World Cup with the USA women’s eight (my fave of the three).

VOTW: Dirty Dozen Rowing Club. Don’t skip out on the article, it’s a long read but it’s so good.


QOTD: I emailed the coach of a college I’m interested in about two weeks ago and she hasn’t emailed me back yet. I’m going to look at the school in a week and I’d like to meet up with her. Would it be worth sending her another email or should I just drop it?

Words. Good to remember/emphasize during winter training.

QOTD: Any tips on being clear and concise with calls during race pieces? I tend to get a little overwhelmed by everything going on around me and I sometimes trip over words or get too wordy.

VOTW: How it’s made: Rowing shells

QOTD: Hi! In a race, when you call a power 10, do you call it two strokes ahead (Power 10 in two, that’s one, two,) or do you just call it?


Teachable Moments A semi how-to guide on not losing your patience with novices.

QOTD: Hi, I’m on a novice crew team and I’ve enjoyed it, but I want to quit. My team will have enough girls to fill an 8 but how do I let my coach know? I’m an engineering student and my schedule is too demanding for this sport. I know I’ll miss it but I need to focus on my schoolwork. Any advice?

Basic gear for novice coxswains

QOTD: Transitioning by fours in an 8+ always confuses me. I know you start with stern four, then stern pair out, then three four in, but what’s after that? Who goes in and out in what order? Thanks!

QOTD: As a coxswain, I guess you could say this is my first actual leadership position. I’ve had a little experience with being in charge of activities, but never the safety of a 30 thousand dollar boat … or people. What would you say makes an effective leader? Most people if they are, are born leaders. How would you bring that out of someone, if that’s even possible?

QOTD: Is it better for a cox to be feared or loved?



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