Music to erg to, pt. 119

It’s been a busy week on the blog. Here’s what’s been going on…

Monday’s VOTW was a video from Princeton about their use of the Peach system (which we also have) and how they incorporated technology into their winter training trip. If you’re into tech + rowing, it’s worth checking out.

Tuesday’s post was on working with or around a bad coach (and I know that “bad” is a heavily subjective term but I think you understand what I’m getting at).

Wednesday’s Pro Tip was on maintaining the set when you’re on the rudder (lots of confusion on that with the coxswains and lots of rower requests to address it so … there you go).

Yesterday’sย posts included two great questions on how to be more personal when coxing a race and what to do if you think someone in your boat doesn’t like you (tl;dr who cares, move on).

I also updated the summer camps Google doc with two new Sparks camps in the Mid-Atlantic region (both in Philly), one of which doesn’t actually take place on the water and instead focuses on educating rowers on how to structure their individual training programs and set rowing-specific training goals. It’s very different from nearly every other camp out there but it fills a void that you’re probably familiar with if you follow the /r/rowing subreddit and see allย threads on “how I should train over the winter/summer”, “what’s a good training plan”, etc.



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