Music to erg to, pt. 115

Lots of posts from the last two weeks to check out, in particular this question that I posted last night. It’s a good one and probably one that a lot of coxswains can relate to. Like I said in my reply, getting what you want/need starts with asking the right questions. Definitely take a second to read it when you can.

Other posts…

Another QOTD about what to do to get back into shape before the season starts after coming back from an injury

Top 20 Terms: Release (not. the same. as. the finish) and Over-compression

This week’s VOTW is a student-made documentary called “The Drive”. There’s several good interviews in there with current and former elite rowers, as well as current collegiate coaches, rowers, and coxswains.

Coxswain evaluations 2.0: Over spring break last year we revamped our evals a bit so this post goes into detail about the updates we made, the questions it asks and why it asks them, etc. It’s worth checking out even if your team doesn’t do evals, that way you can get some ideas for what to ask the rowers if/when you’re trying to gather feedback.

I also posted three new recordings on YouTube from Katelin Snyder. These ones are from a 3x1500m workout that she did with UW back in 2007 and are good insight into how to call practice pieces while maintaining a balance between “race mode” and “practice mode”.



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