Video of the Week: Katelin Snyder’s presentation at “Rowing Talks”

I relate to this so hard. Both as a coxswain and a coach, everything she said is pretty much exactly how I’ve felt at each stage of the game over the last thirteen years. If you’re looking for something to do in the hotel on your training trip (which is what I did) or at the boathouse while your team is erging, I’d definitely recommend watching this with the other coxswains on your team.

Related: Katelin Snyder + winter training

Once you’re done with this one, another video you can watch that features Katelin is the one linked above, which is one row2k did on her experiences with winter training over the years. There’s some overlap when it comes to what coxswains could/should do but this one’s only 10 minutes long so it’s worth watching all the way through and picking up some new ideas.



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