Music to erg to, pt. 110

Got two good questions yesterday that if you haven’t checked out yet, you should go read – you can find them here and here. If you row in salt water, either regularly or on your training trips (like we do), make sure your cox boxes are included in the equipment that gets sprayed down after practice. Obviously don’t spray it with a hose but grab a rag or sponge and go over the connecter ports, the wires, etc. so there’s no residual salt left on there. It can/will corrode the wiring which can make your life more difficult when you end up having to yell for most of practice because your cox box no longer works.

This week’s recruiting post was on the process of being recruited as a coxswain and the “top 20 terms” post was on the quarter feather, which is a pretty basic “drill” (so much so that if you google it you’ll find pretty much nothing on it). If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s a good go-to for when you’re rowing back to the dock after practice or your coach says “pick a drill, your choice” (something we do pretty regularly with our coxswains).



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