Music to erg to, pt. 108

Monday’s VOTW was all about analyzing your force curves on the RP3s and starts off by showing the curves in real-time as someone is rowing on the machine before getting into the details of what each one actually represents. It’s interesting stuff and good to know if your team utilizes that feature on the RP3s or C2s.

Tuesday’s recruiting post was about scholarships and when getting one isn’t an option. It talks about need-based aid and how it can compare to (and sometimes be better than) another school’s athletic scholarship offer and includes a link that shows ALL schools that offered varsity rowing programs in 2014 alongside some helpful data such as cost of attendance, average scholarship award, amount of financial assistance offered, roster size, etc.

Wednesday’s “Top 20 terms” post was on body angle. It’s not something that I’ve gotten a ton of questions on but if you have any after reading that, feel free to ask.  Last week’s post was on rush(ing) so if you haven’t checked it out yet you can do so here.

Yesterday’s post was a continuation of last week’s post on training while sick, except this one was geared at coxswains. Rowers tend to get more of a break when they’re sick than coxswains do so sucking it up tends to be the go-to solution but there are a couple things you can do to make practice a little less miserable if you’re sick.



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