Video of the Week: NAAO Documentary on the 1979 Men’s 8+

I’m such a sucker for rowing documentaries so I was really excited when I came across this one. It was made by the National Association of Amateur Oarsmen (one of USRowing’s predecessors) and goes behind the scenes with Harry Parker as the national team’s men’s eight trains for the 1979 World Championships in Bled (when Yugoslavia still existed). He talks about the workouts they do (3 minutes at 37spm – ow), the equipment they use (wood vs. fiberglass shells, kevlar vs. wood oars, etc.), his system for record-keeping and logging his practices/workouts/observations on the rowers (coxswains, this would be beneficial for you), why he doesn’t do technical drills very often, etc.

The last nine minutes shows footage from the 1983 sculling camp that Harry ran in Boston, with several of the attendees being the subjects of “The Amateurs”, which was written two years later.



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