Question of the Day

What are some “rhythmic calls” you use? I know ones such as hook, send and catch, send but I was wondering what others are used.

I’m a big fan of taking a “swing three” or a “swing five” and saying “long swing“, “surge  long“, swing through“, “long rhythm” (see the note at 1:45 of the first recording), etc. I think it’s important to pick one call and stick with it for the duration of the three or five strokes just because I feel like it helps get everyone moving together better/faster than if you were alternating between two or three different calls on each individual stroke.

Most of my rhythm calls also specifically include “swing” or “rhythm” in the call. I don’t tend to look at “hook send” or “catch send” as rhythm calls but they can definitely work that way, although I think the rhythm part of it is secondary or tertiary to catch/finish timing and/or acceleration.  Another good rhythm call is “cha”, which I talked about in this post (definitely read that). As I said in there, it’s not one of my most used rhythm calls but it really has started to grow on me over the last year or so. Some coxswains say “cha” or “ja”, others add “ssshhhh-uh” to the end of their calls (this is what I do) but it all accomplishes the same thing.



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