Video of the Week: How it’s made, pt. 2

By now you’ve probably seen the episode of “How It’s Made” that details the production of a racing shell. This video is similar to that and shows the process of creating wooden composite shells by UK-based Carl Douglas Racing Shells. It’s cool seeing the craftsmanship behind it, especially since that’s not something that we probably think about that much.

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Whenever I watch videos like this one thing they always do is make me hyper-aware the next time I’m on the water because now that I’ve seen what goes into creating the shell that I’m now sitting in, I feel a heightened sense of responsibility to make smart(er) steering decisions so as to avoid hitting or damaging anything. That’s definitely something I hope you guys take away from this too, just a better overall understanding and appreciation for the time and effort that goes into creating the equipment we use every day.



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