2015 Summer Camps

So I did things a bit differently this year and posted everything in a spreadsheet in an attempt to keep it all a bit more organized and easier to find/read. You can find it HERE. There are a few programs not on there yet because they haven’t posted their 2015 stuff but when they do I’ll update the spreadsheet and link to it here.

A couple quick notes…

Camps are color-coded and divided into the regions where they’re located, that way it’s easier to see what camps are offered near where you live. All the camps I have info on so far are listed on the first tab titled “2015 SUMMER CAMPS”. The individual tabs that follow include the location, dates, cost, website, any social media links belonging to the hosting team/program, and any reviews that I got from you guys.

“Experienced” in the context of these camps implies that you’ve been rowing for at least one full year. Doing a learn to row camp in the spring  but not actually training and racing does not make you an experienced rower/coxswain. If your school only has a spring season or that’s the only time you can participate due to playing another sport in the fall then you should be OK but you can always email the camp directors to make sure.

A lot of the camps are not cheap but you shouldn’t let that deter you from reaching out to the coaches and inquiring about whether or not they offer some kind of financial assistance if you’re interested in attending but aren’t sure if you can afford it.

There are a couple programs in here for college-aged rowers (Thompson Boat Club’s open men/women and Penn AC’s U23 team) so if you’re looking to row over the summer check out those two programs.

Keep in mind that some of these camps require rowing resumes, erg scores, letters of recommendation from your coaches, etc. to be submitted when you apply. Make sure you’re aware of which programs ask for that so you don’t send in an incomplete registration.

I hope all that helps you start narrowing down your plans for this summer. Let me know if you have any questions or know of a camp that hasn’t been added yet. Also, feel free to email me if you’ve been to one of the camps that doesn’t have any reviews as I’d really like to get something posted for each one.

Click HERE to view the 2015 Summer Camps spreadsheet.


One thought on “2015 Summer Camps

  1. Anna E. Jordan says:

    Love the new look! Also, just got this info about rowing camp grants from Row America in my in-box from USRA. “The two grants are intended to increase participation and development of athletes from ethnically, racially and economically underserved populations that represent less than 10 percent of USRowing’s membership base and are from African American, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander or Native American communities.” http://www.usrowing.org/News/15-02-26/USRowing_Announces_America_Rows_Grants_for_Participation_in_High_Level_Junior_Rowing.aspx


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