Music to erg to, pt. 79

I’m finishing up the summer camp list and would love to get some feedback on any of the following camps so if you’ve been to any of them send me an email. The reviews that you guys have already sent are great and I really appreciate everybody taking the time to write out what they thought.  This year’s list is long – like, 40 as of right now and I’ve still got a handful to add – so any info that you guys can contribute can only serve to make this a better resource for everyone.

Northeast: Craftsbury, CRI, MIT Youth Rowing Camp, Cornell (either the competitive camp or the HP camp), Maine Rowing Camp

Mid-Atlantic: Rutgers, UVA’s men’s camp (Wahoo), Navy women’s camp, Penn AC Gold (men and women), Philadelphia Sculling Club, Princeton

South: Sarasota HP camp, Miami Rowing Club

Midwest: Wisco, Sparks coxswain-only camp

West: Seattle Rowing Center, Sparks Seattle, Cal women’s camp



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