Video of the Week: Y150 History

Yale always makes some of the coolest videos. Their video on the 1956 crew that competed at the Melbourne Olympics is one of my favorites. This one is an eight-minute long teaser trailer on the history of their lightweight program, which dates back to 1920. (The heavyweight program by comparison first began in 1843, making it the oldest rowing program in the country.)

The entire thing is a really fascinating look inside the program with tons of great photos and anecdotes but one photo that really stands out to me is the one shown at 2:52 of all the guys with their stacks of t-shirts in front of them (with each guy wearing a different shirt from each team they beat that season). That’s definitely one way of measuring how successful your season was…

I also liked how the one guy described Andy Card as “a ferret on amphetamines”. Oh, and the “you’re Vanilla Ice but I need Queen” story at the end is great.



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