Music to erg to, pt. 58

Head of the Charles is in two weeks. Even though I’ve been emailing with people about it for probably a month now and we talk about it nearly every day at practice, it just hit me a few minutes ago that it’s October and head racing season has arrived. On that note, I’d like to try and get a preliminary count of who’d be interested in walking the course with me on Thursday or Friday afternoon. I did it last year with a group of college and high school coxswains and we met near BU, walked along the course, and discussed just about anything that came to mind in relation to the race. I pointed out all the landmarks, explained how to enter/exit the turns and bridges, talked about some of the rules, etc. There is no official coxswain meeting for HOCR and the only thing they really offer in terms of addressing the rules is Yaz Farooq’s clinic (which I wrote all about in this post), which usually costs $15 or so.

I don’t know what time this will be at yet because I’m still waiting to hear what time the four I’m coxing is planning to practice but once I know that I’ll figure out a time that will hopefully work with everyone’s schedule. I’ll be around both days though and will most likely be able to go out anytime during the day so if you’re only free in the morning or something, it shouldn’t be a problem. Like I said, there is no official coxswain meeting for HOCR so if you haven’t raced here before, are kinda new to coxing, etc. I’d definitely recommend considering coming on a tour. I promise, I have lots of helpful tips to share. Plus, it’s free.


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