What to wear: Official visits, pt. 2

Got a question this weekend about what to wear on official/unofficial visits when you’re going during the warmer months. The previous post I did on what to wear on official vists was from the fall but advice-wise, pretty much everything I said in that post applies to this one.

Between unofficial (when you’re going specifically to look at the school) and official visits (when you’re going specifically to visit the team) I don’t think there needs to be much, if any, difference in what you wear. On a scale of lounging on your couch in your underwear to an afternoon at the country club, both occasions probably warrant at least a 7ish. Unless you’re going to an open house or other semi-formal event at the school/boathouse, you’re totally fine wearing casual shorts and a t-shirt or button down.

Related: Hello! I am attending a “business casual” open house this weekend at a college that I am strongly considering. I want to make a strong impression, I was just wondering, as a coach, what do you think would be appropriate to wear? I want to look nice without looking silly or too glitzy. Thanks in advance!

Another thing for everyone to remember is to wear comfortable shoes/sandals. You’ll likely be doing a fair amount of walking so function takes precedence over form. Sunglasses and/or a hat wouldn’t be a bad idea either.


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