Music to erg to, pt. 37

Today marks the last day of USRowing’s coxswain “appreciation” week. I really want to take this opportunity to again remind you to not make this whole appreciation thing last just for this week. Similarly to how we expect coxswains to respect the rowers, we should also expect rowers to do the exact same for the coxswains.

Related: I consider my crew to be very lucky. We possibly have one of the best coxswains around. She can steer like a BOSS and has the patience and the nature of a saint. However I think we pushed her to her limits at one point and I don’t think I have ever seen her that angry. I often read this blog and I always read tips on what makes a great coxswain, how to deal with your rowers, and things not to do however I would like to hear from a coxie’s point of view is what are the things that rowers do that really sets you off edge and how we can avoid those things. I know coxies are all different (…and I have had some interesting ones at times) but it would really help if you could give some pointers from a coxswain. As rowers our biceps are sometimes bigger than our brains so it would help if you could give us some insight. Thanks…oh, and great blog!

At the most basic level this whole thing goes back to respect. Don’t take each other for granted and recognize, especially as we’re hitting the peak part of the season, that none of what you are accomplishing would be possible without one another.



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