Question of the Day

I’m over coxing weight by some, but I’ve been working on it and it is going down (healthily). My coaches know that I’m over and they aren’t putting me in good boats because of it (only thing). We have a race soon and I’m getting closer to 110. I know my coaches have issues with my weight but they haven’t brought it up with me, but I think they will soon. What should I say/do? And if they don’t, should I tell them if I’m at 110 or talk to them about my issue/what’s going on?

I think it’s really stupid to keep a coxswain out of a boat just because of their weight if they’re only a couple pounds over (a couple being five or less), especially if you’re in high school and especially since you’re close toΒ the minimum, which most coaches apparently don’t know the definition of.

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If they say something about it just be honest with them and let them know where you’re at now (do. not. lie. about your weight) and that you’ve been working on it. There’s not much more you can do (or that they can expect you to do) other than continue exercising and eating healthy. If they don’t say anything then whether or not it gets brought up is up to you.

Unless they’ve specifically said to you that the reason you’re not in any of the good boats is because of your weight, then I’d talk to them to figure out why you’re in the boats you’re in now and what you can/need to do in order to move up.Β If there’s a specific boat that you want to be coxing, tell them that your goal is to cox that boat for your upcoming race, that way they know that you’re actually striving to be in a certain boat and not just saying “I weigh 110lbs now, put me in a good boat!”.



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