The hardest core workout you’ll ever do

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably saw my post about the plank progression the guys did at practice today, along with the picture of two of the three final guys (out of the 40ish on the team).

Below is the workout. I definitely recommend trying it and seeing how far you can make it through the progression. It’s a great way to build core strength, which as we all know is crucial to having a good stroke. Don’t say I didn’t warn you though … it hurts.

8 seconds middle plank – 8 seconds left side plank – 8 seconds right side plank

5 seconds rest

16 seconds middle plank – 16 seconds left side plank – 16 seconds right side plank

5 seconds rest

32 seconds middle plank – 32 seconds left side plank – 32 seconds right side plank

5 seconds rest

64 seconds middle plank – 64 seconds left side plank – 64 seconds right side plank

5 seconds rest

2:08 middle plank

5 seconds rest

4:16 middle plank

5 seconds rest

8:32 middle plank

In total that comes to about 21 minutes of planking if you manage to make it all the way to the end. A good way to gauge whether or not you’re doing the planks right is if you’re shaking and having a hard time breathing … good luck!


Question of the Day

Hi (I’m in high school). One of the reasons I’ve always loved rowing is the people and my coaches but both my coaches have left and we’re going to be coached by existing coaches who we’ve already come across. But I feel like the atmosphere will be completely different. I’m planning to give it a trial few weeks and have a decision made by the end of September about continuing, waaay before my school starts racing. Is this a good idea?

I wouldn’t say it’s a bad idea but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea either. I get why you’d be apprehensive about a new coaching staff but if you’re going to give it a trial period, it’s essentially got to be for the whole season, mostly because there are only SO many people that can cox a boat (whereas with rowers, it’s usually not too difficult to find a replacement of adequate skill). Even if the end of September is way before your team starts racing, you’d still have been with them for at least two to three weeks, meaning your coach would have gotten used to you in the boat and your crew would have started getting used to you as well. If you left they’d have to find someone else to put in there and they’d only end up with maybe three weeks with that crew instead of having the same person in there for six to eight weeks.

I’d talk to the people on your team who were coached by these coaches previously and see what they say about them. How was their coaching, what was the atmosphere/culture like with them in charge, etc. Go into it with an open mind and then make a decision after the season ends. The atmosphere probably will be different just because the new coaches are completely different people … that’s not a bad thing so I wouldn’t write them off just because they’re not who you’re used to working with.