Question of the Day

I feel like this is kind of a stupid question but, have you ever coxed a stern loader 4+? My new school has them and I’ve never been in one. Is is similar to an 8+?

Definitely not a stupid question! When I was in high school (’02-’06) we had two brand new Vespoli fours and a couple older stern-loaded fours. I liked the stern loaded fours because there was no learning curve with them like there is with a bowloader.  They’re the exact same as an eight except four seats shorter. Steering’s the same (strings) and you can actually see your rowers, which is the biggest “pro” for me. The only “con” is that unless you’re racing against other crews in stern loaders you can’t look over and see the other coxswains, which is half the fun of racing, unless you’re a length up on them.


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