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Hello! I’m heading into my junior year interested in rowing Division 3 and I was wondering if you know any differences from D1 in terms of recruiting. I know all of the numerical stuff, like they can’t give me money, but do you think that coaches would help a tall, ~7:35 girl who is committed to row all 4 years get in? I have good grades but I’m not a straight A student and I’m going to need the help getting in. Do you think I’ll be able to get support from coaches? Thank you so much.

Other than money I really don’t think there’s that much of a difference in the recruiting approach between D1 and D3 coaches. They all only have so much input with admissions so you’ve gotta do a lot on your end (i.e. have good grades and test scores, having a well-rounded application, etc.) so that the coaches have something to work with if they need to make a case for you. That aside, if you’re committed to all four years and have a 7:35 as a junior I don’t see why you couldn’t be in the mix of people coaches would support.

Related: I’m a junior in high school and I’m 5’11”. What kind of erg times should I strive for to be recruited by colleges? I’ve heard mix things like sub 8 and sub 7:30 – is there a lot of variation among schools and divisions? I’m one of the better rowers on my team but I don’t know what kinds of times other kids have from around the country. I just started rowing a little less than a year ago and my last 2k was an 8:10. Would I realistically be able to get my time down before college?

Don’t sell yourself short though – with a 2k time like that you should really consider D1 schools too. Not that there aren’t any great D3 programs but assuming your 2k time drops over the next year, which it most likely will, you could probably have a shot at some solid D1 programs if you were interested. Sub-7:30 2ks are typically what D1 coaches are looking for and you’re pretty close to that. Like I said, unless your heart is really set on rowing D3 – which I can understand if it was, there’s a lot less stringency at that level compared to D1 – don’t sell yourself short.


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