Question of the Day

On my 2K yesterday I did really bad (10 seconds above my PR) and this was for state lineups … we have a chance to re-do them but what if I do worse? Any advice for how to prepare would be great (especially mentally preparing).

Why do you think you didn’t do so well yesterday? Were you sick, not prepared, just not into it…? I would think about why you weren’t where you wanted to be and what, if anything, caused that and then try to make sure that you’re better prepared (in terms of having a solid race plan for yourself), have eaten a good pre-2k snack, and are more mentally engaged before and during your piece than you were previously. That’s really all you can do but all of those minor things can add up to make a huge difference.

Related:Β I know I physically can perform the workouts on the erg, but I mentally psych myself out I guess you could say. Do you have any tips on mental toughness/blocking out that annoying voice that wants you to quit on the erg? Thanks!

The first step is to not think about doing worse. Yea, that could happen but you could also do better. Why not think about that possibility instead of the alternative? The power of positive thinking – it works wonders. Definitely re-do it but come at it from a different angle than you did your other one. Physically there’s not much you can do at this point that’s going to knock off any significant amount of time but like I said before, stay hydrated, eat a good meal, have a race plan for yourself, and don’t let your brain defeat you. Your body is much stronger than your brain would like you to believe. Stay tough and I promise you, you’ll be much happier with this time than your last one.



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