Question of the Day

Do you know how to get over mental blocks? I am terrified of flipping my single (mainly because I’m scared that I’ll get stuck in the foot stretchers or under water somehow even though I know that isn’t likely at all) and every time I train or race in it I can’t get past the fear and I feel I don’t row/race to my full potential because of it.

You’ve basically got to go out and do what you’re afraid to do without being afraid. Take a deep breath, remind yourself that you know what you’re doing and even if you do flip you know how to recover, and then just go row.

Related: I know I physically can perform the workouts on the erg, but I mentally psych myself out I guess you could say. Do you have any tips on mental toughness/blocking out that annoying voice that wants you to quit on the erg? Thanks!

During your warmup try taking 3 hard strokes … then 5 hard strokes … then 10 hard strokes … then 20 hard strokes … then 1 minute of hard strokes, etc. Don’t go at a super high stroke rate (18-20 is good) and make sure you’re relaxing enough at the finish that you can get the blades out cleanly. Focus and relax.



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