Question of the Day

I honestly have no idea how to know how many strokes until we finish a race, piece, etc. Like, do I just guess?

Check out the second half of the post linked below. In addition to everything I said there, start gauging the distance you travel over ten strokes at various stroke rates and pressures to get an idea of what the “last ten” feels like. In a sense, yes, you’re guessing, but it’s very calculated guesswork. You won’t always be right but the goal is to be close if you can’t be spot on. It’s always better to say “last 5” and only take three than to say “last 3” and take five.

Related: I still have trouble judging distances [m] any tips?

Pay attention to how much time it takes too because then you can say “10 strokes to go, 15 seconds away from that gold medal…”. SUCH a motivator at the end of a race, especially when it’s close.



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