Question of the Day

What are the qualifications of being a cox? I’m 5’1 and 108lbs. Also I’ve actually never coxed before but the only way I could row in college is to cox so what are some ways I can get my name out for scholarships?

Coxswains don’t usually get scholarships as freshmen. There’s also no way a coach would give a scholarship to someone who didn’t have any experience. Even if you have rowing experience, you’re not likely to get recruited as a coxswain if you haven’t actually proven yourself as a coxswain yet. Your best bet and my suggestion would be to go to walk on tryouts at the beginning of the year. You can either reach out to the coaches now to let them know you’re interested or just wait until you get to school.

One of the primary qualifications is being at or near racing weight, which is 110lbs for women and 125lbs for men. Height doesn’t really matter but obviously the shorter the better due to space constraints in the boat. Personality-wise, you need to be assertive, tactical, and not lacking in common sense, amongst other things.



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