Question of the Day

Hi, I have a couple of questions for you! First off, can you please explain to me how the boats/age groups work in the US? We just row in under 15, under 16 etc but what does JV 8 mean? And secondly, do you have any tips for erg workouts during the off season? I’m just going into mine, and 30-45 min. ergs are great but get a bit boring after a while! Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

I talked about what JV means, as well as the other classifications we typically use, in the post linked below.

Related:ย Whatโ€™s the difference between a JV8 and a 2V boat? Or are they the same thing?

For off-season workouts, listening to music (I have a ton of playlists on Spotify), podcasts, audiobooks, or even watching Netflix can all help with the boredom that sets in during long pieces. Try to mix it up though so you’re not doing the same pieces all the time too.ย 7 x 10′, 2 x 30′, 3 x 20′, etc. are all solid go-to pieces though.



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