Question of the Day

I’m a novice coxswain and I have my first race on Saturday. I have a question. What questions should I ask my rowers during our boat meeting? I know I can ask them what they like to hear most, but what else?

What they want to hear is probably the only question you need to specifically ask them. You can get their input on where to make specific moves (such as when to start the sprint, if you want to take 20s at each 500m mark, etc.)  but during the race it might end up being a judgement call on where to do it based on what you see unfolding during the race.

I’d just ask them what they want to hear, both as a boat and individually. Individually, what’s one technique call and one motivational call they want directed towards them? As a boat, what have you been working on? What is your boat’s biggest strength that you can use to motivate them during the race? What is their biggest weakness that you can make a call to remind them to be aware of?


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