Question of the Day

Our cox doesn’t talk to us when we are training in our quad. We have tried talking to her and also to our coach about it because it is so frustrating and asked her to talk during our rows but she just says that she feels stupid talking in practices and doesn’t change anything. She is brilliant in races, just not in practice. What can we do?

Find a new coxswain. I know that’s not your call but ask your coach to switch another coxswain in so you can actually have a productive practice.

Related: Advice from a coxes perspective would be great. I’ve been lucky enough to have the same cox for 2 years & he used to be amazing. Recently, it’s felt very much like he’s lost interest. He’s just in the boat, not part of the crew. He’s going through the motions. It makes it very hard to stay motivated, given everything else that’s crappy. He’s also coxing the elite men, maybe he sees them as his chance to win & we’re just the disorganized cranky old women he coxes sometimes. Should I call him on the change?

I don’t understand how you can not do anything in practices and still (think you’ll) be effective in races. If you’ve talked to her about it more than once and told her how irritating the lack of communication is and she hasn’t listened to your concerns yet, ask your coach for someone else, even if it’s just for a practice or two and not permanently. It bothers me when coxswains don’t talk during practices but it bothers me even more when they completely write off what their rowers are telling them they want. If she’s not going to at least make an effort, you shouldn’t feel bad at all about asking for a coxswain who will talk to you. Maybe seeing you guys make a change will be a wake up call for her.



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