Question of the Day

So I was watching ejector crab videos for a fun and I was wondering if someone falls out of the boat during a race should I stop or just keep going and leave them behind? I’m a novice coxswain. Thanks!

When I raced we were always told to continue racing and the launches that follow the boats would pick up the unfortunate crab catcher. Technically, I think the only person who MUST be in the boat as you cross the finish line is the coxswain. The rules though will probably vary depending on the regatta so if you’re not sure, ask at the coaches and coxswain’s meeting.

I remember hearing this story – and I tried Googling it but couldn’t find anything so who knows if it’s actually true – that said the reason why coxswains are the only member of the boat required to still be in the boat as you cross the finish line is because when coxswains first started being used, the rowers (in England, I believe) were pissed that they had to row with the dead weight so when the race started, they told the coxswain to jump out of the boat. They then rowed theΒ  entire race without their coxswain.


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