Question of the Day

Do you have any inspirational thoughts/advice for novice cox’s first spring race?

As far as inspirational thoughts go, check out the “motivation” tag, as well as the quotes tag. There’s bound to be something in there that strikes you.


Know the rules.

Have a plan (or two or three) and go over it with your boat.

Accept the fact that things rarely go as planned. Stay calm and be flexible.

Have a good attitude, regardless of the outcome.

Breathe at the starting line.

Don’t dwell on anything that goes wrong.

Record yourself.

Be a little nervous but never panicked.

Tell the other teams at the finish line “good race” even if you lose and especially if you win.

Steer straight.

Don’t tell your rowers to “pull harder”.

Embrace everything but when it’s time to race, put your game face and be prepared to go do workAs long as you’re doing your job, there won’t be any time to be nervous about what’s going on.



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