Question of the Day

What’s the difference between a JV8 and a 2V boat? Or are they the same thing?

It probably depends on each team and what races are available at the regattas you attend, but sometimes yes, they can be the same thing. Below I’ve listed how my team always did it. If we went to a regatta that didn’t have a novice eight but they had a freshman eight, we’d take the one or two freshmen from the JV boat and put them in the novice boat. (Novices are first year rowers regardless of what year they are in school.) If there was a 2V race but not a JV race, we’d enter the JV boat as the 2V “B” boat. Same with the 2V – if there wasn’t a 2V race, we’d bump them up to the varsity race and enter them as the varsity “B” boat.

Varsity 8+/4+

Comprised of rowers with a solid combination of high erg scores, stellar technique, a good attitude, and a strong sense of dedication to the team – those last two things were very important to my coaches. Typical makeup was usually six or seven seniors and two or three juniors.

2V 8+/4+

The second set of rowers below the V8, with times and technique just a little bit off the V8’s (no change in attitude or dedication though). Typically six juniors, a senior, and a sophomore. Sometimes it was all juniors, other times it was four seniors and four juniors, but for the most part it was the first combination I mentioned.

Junior Varsity (JV) 8+/4+

This boat was usually made up of sophomores, a junior who might not be as strong or technically advanced as the other juniors, and one very good novice.

Novice 8+/4+

All novices, obviously. Usually about six or seven freshmen and two sophomores. On occasion there might be a junior or senior in there, but it was almost always completely comprised of freshmen.

Freshman 8+/4+

Different from the novice boats in that freshman crews can only contain freshmen.

Hope that helps clarify things. Like I said though, each team does things differently so the best way to figure out how your team classifies things is to talk to your coach.


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