Question of the Day

Our novice coach has told us that cox selections are based on evals, their judgement, and race results. Today was our first race and my steering abilities in windy weather are very questionable – as in multiple oar collisions. Yes, I am committed to improving before our next race, but do you think it has effected my seating? What can I do other than practice? Thanks!

Weather is one of those things you can’t control so hopefully your coach recognizes that and doesn’t penalize you in any way. Steering in the wind can be toughย for anyone, regardless of experience. When you’re out there though, make it a priority to work on your steering as much as you can. Spend some time talking with your coaches and get their advice on how to handle various weather and non-weather related steering situations so that when you do get on the water, you’ll already have an idea of how to handle things.

Related:ย Part of coxswain selections are how safe you are and if you can keep the boat safe in different situations. How would coaches determine your safety-ness?

I doubt it would affect your seating that much, especially if you’re novice, but from a coach’s point of view I can see how it might. Even though steering in the wind can be tough you’ve still gotta be able to handle it and not let it impact your course or your coxing. Since you’re a novice though I’d just chalk it up to a learning experience and use it to better prepare yourself for the next time you’re out in similar conditions.



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