Question of the Day

Is it a good idea before our first spring race this weekend to get together at someone’s dorm and “go through” the race? Like, I’ve heard of coxswains sitting their rowers down in a dark room, eyes closed, and imagining the race while the cox does the calls.

For sure! It’s definitely always a great idea to go over the strategy with your crew before you race because then there are no surprises and they can anticipate things a little better. Make sure you go over Plan A and Plan B, that being what you’re going to do if something during the race doesn’t go as planned and you have to deviate from Plan A.

I likeΒ the idea of the rowers visualizing the race while the coxswain makes the calls. I know that’s a thing that some of the national team coxswains do and if you take it seriously andΒ really commit to it, it could be a useful tool for you and your boat. Even if you just have them close their eyes while you walk them through each 500 and point out the highlights of your race plan, that’s another great way to help them stay calm and prepare for the race.


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