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Hi! I’m supposed to be holding a captains practice on Friday, and we have to incorporate 30 mins of hard work into the workout, but its supposed to be like a fun workout. Any ideas of what to do? Ps. We are a varsity girls high school squad! Thanks!!

Fun! Some ideas off the top of my head:

  • Erg relay. Break into teams of equal numbers and have each person row a certain number of meters. Practice your dismounts ahead of time though!! This video and this video showcase some pretty good ones.
  • Mini-biathlon. Run “x” number of miles as and then in the remaining amount of time erg as many meters as you can. Top three finishers get a fun prize – $5 starbucks gift card (bitches love Starbucks gift cards), two tickets to the movies, an epic high five, etc.
  • Blogilates. Cassey has no less than a billion and twelve videos for practically every kind of workout you can imagine. Her “pop song challenges” are set to various Top 40 hits, so those are always fun, but practically anything you can think of, she has. If you check out her blog and click on the “Workout Videos” tab, you can see all her videos broken down by body part (abs, legs, obliques, etc.) or series (Bikini Blaster, Victoria’s Secret Challenge, Song Challenge, etc.).
  • Take a class. This would require some planning ahead, but try calling your local gym or CrossFit center and ask if it’d be possible for the team to take a free (or discounted) class that afternoon. Explain that you’re trying to incorporate something new and fun into your workout and thought it’d be fun to try kickboxing or whatever CrossFit’s WOD is.
  • Nike Training Club. I love this app – if you don’t have it, I definitely recommend it!! It’ll definitely kick your ass if you’re working hard enough. It’s available for both iPhone and Android phones. Either stay in one large group or split into two smaller groups; regardless, make sure you have someone watching the phone so you can see when the exercises switch. Have one person from each group open up the app on their phones, put it in the center of the group, pick what workout you want to do, and go for it! There are four “goals” to start – get lean, get toned, get strong, or get focused. The first three “goals” are 30-45 minute long workouts and there are three levels for each category – beginner, intermediate, and advanced – so each group can choose which one is right for them. The “get focused” workouts are quick 15 minute workouts that target specific muscle groups. There’s also a cardio option in the “get focused” bunch.
  • Play a game. Soccer, basketball, dodgeball, kickball – it counts as cross training and it’s FUN!!

Hope that helps!! Have fun!!

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