Question of the Day

Hi! I’m supposed to be holding a captains practice on Friday and we have to incorporate 30 mins of hard work into the workout but it’s supposed to be like a fun workout. Any ideas of what to do? PS we are a varsity girls high school squad! Thanks!!

Fun! Some ideas off the top of my head:

Erg relay. Break into teams of equal numbers and have each person row a certain number of meters.

Mini-biathlon. Run “x” number of miles as and then in the remaining amount of time erg as many meters as you can.

Take a class. This would require some planning ahead, but try calling your local gym or SoulCycle or whatever and ask if it’d be possible for the team to take a class that afternoon. Explain that you’re trying to incorporate something new and fun into your workout and thought it’d be fun to try something new.

Play a game. Soccer, basketball, dodgeball, kickball – it counts as cross training and it’s fun. Just be careful so you don’t get hurt.

Hope that helps!


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