Question of the Day

Do coaches generally like it when novice coxes go into their office asking questions about last practice/tips on what they could have done better coxing wise, etc? Or does it make the novice, look like a nervous, needy, annoying cox? That’s what I’m always worried about going into coach’s office. Thanks! I love that you’re a cox/coach and you answer all our questions!

I’d rather you come to me with a question then have something happen and when I ask you about it you say “I didn’t know what to do” or something along those lines. If you come to me and you’re asking about something from practice or what you can improve on, there’s a good chance that I’ll have a lot more respect for you because you’ve taken the initiative to reach out and start a conversation.

Related: What do you see as a good relationship with a coach? Being able to joke/tease? Being able to point out technical problems?

 The only time a coxswain comes off as annoying to me is if they constantly ask me things that are so blatantly common sense that they should be able to figure out the answer on their own. If you can’t use your critical thinking skills and at least attempt to arrive at the answer on your own, being a coxswain is not the job for you.

Related: It’s summer holidays where I am, I have this problem and I was wondering if you could give me some advice. So my coaches for my squad are all ex-rowing students of my school and they are between 19-20 year old, who can be a bit intimidating. So my problem is about completing exercises/not stopping for a break etc. which one of coaches have helped me with earlier on in the season. As a coach would you think It would be better to ask her via email or Facebook before it gets worse or becomes a habit OR should I not bother her on holidays and just ask someone (like you) and explain in as much detail as possible even if they don’t know me personally. Secondly as a coach would you be willing to help someone via email during your holiday? Would I be better off asking the head coach even if they can be very very scary at times?

You should never be afraid to talk to your coach and they should definitely never treat you like you’re annoying or your questions are stupid (even when they are). It’s their job to help you so they shouldn’t act as though they’re bothered by that. The good coaches that I know, even though they might not always have the answers to coxswain-specific questions, typically welcome questions since it offers them reassurance that you’re committed, you want to get better, and you actually enjoy what you’re doing. If a coxswain (or rower) never talked to me about anything, I’d question their desire to be there.



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