Question of the Day

How should rowers approach an indoor erg competition? I participated in one last winter but it was my very first 2k so the name of the game was basically “just don’t die”. There’s a lot more pressure now because I’ve dropped about 50 seconds from my time since then and I’m in the varsity category this year. There’s just something extremely nerve wracking about the whole atmosphere and I’m having a hard time not being nervous.

I think that even though the stage is larger when compared to your standard 2k test at the boathouse, you should still approach it the same way. Don’t change your race plan or anything like that because that just complicates things. It’s like deciding to wear new sneakers the day of your marathon just because you’re doing something “bigger” than your usual training runs or 5ks or whatever – it’s only going to backfire spectacularly.

Related: I know I physically can perform the workouts on the erg, but I mentally psych myself out I guess you could say. Do you have any tips on mental toughness/blocking out that annoying voice that wants you to quit on the erg? Thanks!

You know how when you see horses racing or pulling carriages, they’ve got blinders on? That’s exactly what you have to do – put your blinders on so that your focus is on the monitor directly in front of you and forget about everything else. Assuming this is something you’ve been consistently training for, just remind yourself that you’re prepared, you’ve got a plan, and all you’ve gotta do is go out an execute.



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