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Hey, I’ve been told by my physio that I’m not allowed to row for a while because of an injury to my arm. The thing is my coach isn’t letting me train at all. I don’t want to get unfit or weaker than I am during this time because I’m currently the strongest and best girl in our squad and I don’t want to lose that. Can you suggest some exercises I can do at home that don’t involve using both arms?

This is definitely not what you want to hear BUT your coach is right (mostly). Injuries are nothing to mess with, no matter how minor they are. Training can exacerbate your injury, cause a new one, or re-injure the original one to the point where it’s worse than when you initially got it. If your trainer and coach say to take a break, take a break, especially if you want to continue being the strongest on your team. Granted, you and I both know that as athletes, that is far easier said than done.

Since you have an upper body injury, it’s best to just rest it entirely and let it heal before trying to add in any exercises using your arm. In the meantime though, you can do lower body exercises to maintain your leg, butt, and hip muscles. If you think about it in terms of rowing, which muscles (if you had to choose) were more important to your stroke? Upper body or lower body? Lower body, right? So, if you can work to maintain those muscles, I that would benefit you way more than trying to do anything with your upper body. You can also do some core exercises that don’t use the arms.

Related: Hi, I can’t erg due to feet injuries, so I was wondering what I should do for upper body/core workouts? I find stuff online but I can never stick with it.

Exercises you could do off the top of my head … leg press, leg curl, calf raises, wall sits, leg extension, squats (without weight), sumo squats (add in calf raises to make them burn a little more), lunges, pistol squats (aka one legged squats), step ups, scissors (aka flutter kicks), hamstring curls w/ stability balls, jumpies, bridge, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and these (except for maybe the first one in the second row). Tl;dr, there’s plenty.


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