Question of the Day

This is probably going to sound really stuck up but I promise you I am not intending it to be that way. I’m the only coxswain my team has. I’ve coxed them through every race and I love coxing so much and I love my team, but one of my rowers now says she wants to be a coxswain and there’s only enough girls for one boat. I’m honestly terrified she’s going to try and take my spot and I want it way more than she does, to be quite honest. I’m just really worried and idk what to do.

I understand how you feel – when you’re doing something as specialized as coxing (and have been doing it well for awhile) it’s hard to think of someone else doing what you do. If you are the coxswain though and you’ve coxed every race and practice and have been doing a good job, I doubt your coach will randomly up and decide one day to stick this other girl in. Especially if you only have eight rowers, I think it’d be safe to assume your spot is safe. If your coach hasn’t said anything to you or the other girls about it, I wouldn’t worry too much.

If he/she does decide one day to put her in the coxswain’s seat, don’t freak out about it. Maybe he’s just appeasing her for the day. If it starts to become a continual thing, talk to him and see what his plan is. Have a mature conversation and don’t look at coxing as a possession you don’t want your younger sibling to have just because it’s yours. Maybe he’s just trying to get someone else to gain some coxing experience in the case that you can’t be there. You never know.

Keep in mind too that competition is a good thing. It makes everyone better so if she ends up becoming a full-time coxswain, keep an open mind and be prepared to up your game in response to her upping hers to match you.


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