Question of the Day

Because of an injury and physical therapy, among other things, I have a really hard time erging. I won’t finish PT until around February and I really want to have a decent 2k time (I haven’t erged the entire fall season) … what’s a good goal for myself? I’m a lightweight (5’9, 125 lbs) and I just had my first season.

I wouldn’t try and set a time goal for yourself until you can actually get back on the erg and do a base workout to see where you’re at now. It’ll basically be like doing your first erg test all over again. Once you’ve done that first one, compare it to the last one you did before you were injured and see what the difference is. Whatever that difference is, make it your next goal to cut those seconds down by a reasonable margin the next time you do a 2k. Once you’ve gotten to whatever your last 2k was, you can do what you’d normally do when aiming to lower your times.

Depending on your injury, I’d try and continue doing some strength training throughout December, January, and February. If you have an upper body injury, stick to lower body exercises (leg press, hamstring curls, leg extensions, squats (without weight), one legged squats, etc.). If you have a lower body injury, stick to upper body exercises (shoulder press, tricep dips, front and lateral dumbbell raises, pushups, high pulls, etc.). Try and do some core as well. If you can do some kind of strength training, that will at least maintain some of your strength and fitness vs. doing nothing and having your muscles atrophy.



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