Ready all, row… has moved!!

Guys – the new site is live!!

The blog will now be hosted at

Update your bookmarks and RSS feeds and don’t forget to subscribe to the Ready all, row… if you’re not already so you can be notified anytime a new post goes up. If you’re already subscribed via email you’ll continue to receive notifications as usual but followers will only see new posts in their Reader. You won’t receive email updates unless you subscribe to receive them on the new site or add the site to your RSS feed.

Starting today, September 1st, 2017, won’t be updated anymore and all new content will be on the new site. Starting October 1st, 2017 if you try to access the WordPress site it will automatically re-direct to Make sure your bookmarks are updated by then!

Check out the new site, bookmark it, and let me know what you think!


Video of the Week: UW practicing for the 1950 IRA in Marietta, Ohio

This was a neat find. The funny thing (at least to anyone from Marietta who understands the relationship the town has with the Muskingum, the Ohio, and floods) is that IRAs was moved from Poughkeepsie due to weather concerns and the first year it was held on the Muskingum, it flooded and all the races had to be shortened due to all the debris on the course. Typical. 🙄

Music to erg to, pt. 153

Guys, I am cautiously optimistic that I’ll have the new site up by September 1st, which is really exciting. I’m trying to take my own advice and not let perfect get in the way of good so as far as the big stuff goes, I’m on track to have all that stuff completed by the end of this month. If you haven’t been following my Instagram stories, keep an eye on them over the next few weeks because I’ve been sharing sneak peeks of what the site’s gonna look like and so far, the feedback has been pretty solid.

The final big project is tackling all the coxswain recordings. There’s a lot that have been removed from YouTube or Soundcloud and some of the early posts from 3-4 years ago just have way too many recordings in them so I want to re-do those and make each post a little shorter and more straightforward.

If there’s anything you wanna see on the new site – literally anything – I’m all ears! I really want to make this site work for you guys and be less blog-y and more actual website-y so any suggestions you’ve got, I’d love to hear them.


Here I am sitting in the boat … I’m not really doing anything to help the boat go fast but everybody is supposed to listen to me and they are supposed to go harder when I say go harder. It has to be a blind trust. If one person questions me or doesn’t believe what I’m saying, it just doesn’t work. Or if eight people don’t buy in 100 percent, it will still be fast but it won’t be magnificent.

Video of the Week: Nutrition for rowers, pt. 2

A couple years ago I posted a video on nutrition for rowers that included a ton of great info on getting the proper nutrition to fuel your training. You can check that post out here. Above is another video from a rower who talks about his diet, general nutrition strategy, and some of the different approaches that are out there (some good, some not). If you’re heading to college in a few weeks and are trying to figure out how you’re gonna get the calories you need (especially if you’re faced with the prospect of not having your mom cook all your meals anymore…), this is a good video to watch.